Exclusive Wagyu & Yakiniku Grill Bundle ANDPERFECT x Ligma Provision

In collaboration with our high quality meat provider Ligma Provisions, we are offering a bundle deal with our Indoor BBQ Grill. Enjoy 30%+ off on wagyu when ordered with our grill. Shipped separately, best enjoyed together.

Included in this bundle ($239.95):

The ANDPERFECT Ultimate Yakiniku Grill x1

Australian Wagyu Misuji x 2 (7-8oz per cut)

  • Marbling Score: 8/9 Gold Label 
  • Halal Certified
  • Wet Aged 25+ Days
  • AKA "Top Blade" "Blade Steak" or "Oyster Blade"
  • A highly popular cut in Japanese & Korean BBQ establishments. Very well marbled, has a great bite and is known by the tending that runs down the middle that when cooked down, only adds to the texture.

Australian Wagyu Zabuton x2 (7-8oz per cut)

  • Marbling Score: 8/9 Gold Label Purebread
  • Halal Cerified
  • AKA "Denver Steak" or "Chuck Tail Flap"
  • This is the closest item you can get to true Japanese Wagyu without it being raised in Japan. This beef is raised in Australia without the use of antibiotics or hormones to the same standards as Japanese Wagyu. This product is purebred meaning 75% or higher Japanese genetics compared to traditional F1 50/50 Wagyu mix.

Expect your grill to arrive within 3-5 business days and your Wagyu within 2 business days. 

We ship the grill exclusivity in the United States (including Alaska & Hawaii). At this time, we are unable to deliver meat to Hawaii or Alaska.