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Copper Tamagoyaki Egg Pan

Copper Tamagoyaki Egg Pan

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The Perfect Egg Omelette Pan

- Cook a perfect tamagoyaki egg omelet every time.
- This Nakamura copper has excellent thermal conductivity and keeps food warm longer than pans of any other materials.
- It heats evenly, allowing you to cook and roll omelets without it sticking, burning, or breaking; it cooks ingredients thoroughly.
- This copper is durable, hygienic, and corrosion-resistant.
- Enjoy the unique charm of copper that changes as you use it more.
- Made in Japan.

- Material: Main body/Pure copper, Inner surface/Tin plated
- Product size: Approx. 350 x 135 x 59mm
- Weight: 420g

Please Note
- Cannot be used with IH cooking heaters.
- Add oil to the pan before cooking each time.
- We recommend using resin utensils. Metal spatulas, flippers, and more can cause damage to the pan's surface.

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