Our Story

We founded ANDPERFECT (AP) with a clear vision in mind. After living in the United States for several years, we couldn't help but notice the absence of innovative, practical, and fun products that we had grown accustomed to living in Japan. On the rare occasions when these products were available, they came with high prices, higher shipping prices, and lengthy delivery times. We recognized that a treasure trove of incredible items from Japan remained untapped in the USA, despite people's strong desire for them. This sparked our determination to bridge this gap, and now here we are bringing authentic Japanese kitchenware and home goods to America, making them accessible and affordable for all. At AP, we know that by incorporating these products into your lives, you can truly elevate your daily experiences.


As consumers ourselves, we understand the significance of quality, brand trust, and pricing in a shopping experience. We prioritize these factors when you shop with us. Our US team is an expansion of our established team in Japan, which has been hand-selecting items for over 15 years. From kitchen accessories and household goods to beauty tools and outdoor camping essentials, we aim to enrich the daily lives of our customers, both in Japan and now in the United States. We maintain direct communication with our vendors and suppliers to ensure product quality and durability, enabling us to introduce new items to our AP community. We consistently negotiate for the best shipping prices, overcoming Japan's strict export procedures and quotes, and go the extra mile to ensure your orders are swiftly delivered within 2-3 business days. We get it! We understand the importance of prompt delivery and the joy of receiving your items without delays, and that's why you find the best shipping prices and the fastest delivery only on ANDPERFECT.


Feel free to email us with any questions and to request any Japanese products you wish to see on AP.


Currently only shipping to the United States.