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2-Tier Donburi High Speed Rice Cooker

2-Tier Donburi High Speed Rice Cooker

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The donburi of your dreams. With this 2-tier donburi, you can cook rice fast and use the 2nd tier for convenient simultaneous cooking. 


- cook rice in as little as 15 minutes and use it directly as a serving dish!
- With its two-tier structure, you can warm up ready-to-eat pouches like curry, stews, and more.and steam cook.
- Can make: steamed fish and veggies, cury, stews, oyakodon, takikomi gohan, and more. 


- Size: Rice cooker (including upper lid) / Φ180×H148mm, Base only / Φ180×H60mm
- Weight: Rice cooker / 630g (including upper lid, side dish tray, and middle lid), Base only / 420g
- Rated Voltage: AC100V 50/60Hz
- Rated Power Consumption: 200W
- Rice Cooker Capacity: 330ml
- Side Dish Tray Capacity: 300ml
- Maximum Rice Cooking Capacity: 0.18L (1 cup)
- Rice Cooking Time: 0.5 cups / Approximately 15 minutes, 1 cup / Approximately 20 minutes (excluding soaking and steaming time)
- Materials: Rice cooker / PP Silicone Aluminum Fluorine Coating, Upper Lid and Protective Cap / PP, Side Dish Tray and Middle Lid / Steel Fluorine Coating, Base / PP PPS Aluminum Steel
- Cable Length: Approximately 1000mm
- Safety Features: Thermostat, Temperature Fuse, Current Fuse
- It is recommended to use an adaptor to accommodate US & Canada voltages.


- Upper Lid
- Side Dish Tray
- Middle Lid
- Rice Cooker
- Base
- Protective Cap
- Measuring Cup

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