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All-in-one Yakitori, Oden, Sake Cookware

All-in-one Yakitori, Oden, Sake Cookware

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Experience Japanese Izakaya bar and food at home with this all-in-one cookware. Enjoy oden, yakitori, oysters, grilled dishes, and hot sake all at once. Perfect for hosting fun Japanese dinners for friends and family or enjoying on your own at home. 


- Easy operation with no fire involved; simply plug it into the outlet.
- The grill, tray, and oden pot are washable for easy clean up.
- Compact tabletop size that doesn't take up storage space.
- Designed to reduce excess fat from grilled items.


- Rated voltage: AC100V 
- Rated frequency: 50/60Hz
- Rated power consumption: 800W
- Power cord: 1m
The length of the heater part is approximately 40cm, twice the original size
- Size: Main body/approx. W52×D10.5×H10.5cm, yakitori grill/approx. W20.5×D10.3cm, grilled dish net (large)/approx. W20.7×D7cm (excluding handle), grilled dish net (small)/approx. W11×D7cm (excluding handle), oden pot/approx. W20×D10×H8cm, hot sake pot/approx. W10×D10×H8cm, tokkuri/approx. φ6×12cm (capacity: approx. 135ml), ochoko (small sake cup): approx. φ5×4.5cm
- Material: Main body/PA, tray/aluminum (zinc-plated), oden pot and hot sake pot/steel (fluororesin-coated), yakitori grill and grilled dish net/iron (chrome-plated), tokkuri and ochoko/ceramic"
It is recommended to use an adaptor to accommodate US & Canada voltages.

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