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At-home Fun Rotating Sushi Set

At-home Fun Rotating Sushi Set

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Make eating sushi fun with this at-home rotating sushi set. Made for people of all ages. Add store-bought or homemade sushi to the trains and enjoy revolving sushi at home. 


- In addition to sushi, you can also enjoy this toy with sweets and more food. 
- The slow speed makes it easy to pick up the sushi.
- With a rail length of approximately 234cm, you can leisurely enjoy your meal.
- The set includes six perfectly fitting plates for the vehicles, so you can prepare the next sushi while the train is making its rounds.


- Power: Two AAA batteries (sold separately)
- Main body size: When vehicles are connected/approx. W6×D50×H6cm, Vehicle A (battery compartment)/approx. W6×D14×H6cm, Vehicle B (connecting part)/approx. W6×D12.3×H6cm
- Plates: Approx. Φ9×H1.2cm
- Main body weight: 275g
- Material: ABS pp

Set Contents

- Vehicle A × 1
- Vehicle B × 3
- Rail A × 6
- Rail B × 8
- Plates × 6

Safety Information

- Contains small parts. Not made for children under 6 to use due to choking hazards.
- Assembly should be done by adults.
- Do not use oxyride batteries or rechargeable batteries, as there is a risk of overcurrent and overvoltage leading to ignition.

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