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Compact Easy Fry Tempura Pot

Compact Easy Fry Tempura Pot

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Turn every day into fry day with this stovetop tempura maker.

- Fry your favorite foods (chicken, shrimp, potatoes, and more).
- Pan uses 20% less oil.
- Recommended to use with gas stoves, but can also use with IH stoves.
- Compact design for easy storage.
- Corner design makes for easy oil drainage.

- Frying pan main body (iron with silicone resin coating)
- Lid (iron with fluorine resin film processing)
- Metal rack (iron with chrome plating) 
- Temperature gauge

- Size: 240 x 143 x 90mm (including lid), internal dimensions/W200 x D120mm
- Weight: 650g (including accessories)
- Full water capacity: 1.9L
- Suitable oil volume: 760g

Please Note
- Since the manual is in Japanese, we recommend using the Google Translate camera feature for more information on the product.

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