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Fruit & Vegetable Purification Washer

Fruit & Vegetable Purification Washer

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Enjoy better tasting fruit and vegetables with the press of a button.

- With approximately 8000-10000 vibrations/second (approximately 8-10 kHz), this washing draining basket can thoroughly remove dirt from every corner of your produce.
- It automatically washes even in cold water, making it highly recommended for those who use vegetable washing detergent!
- It is eco-friendly because it uses little water.
- Can be used for leafy vegetables, broccoli, fruit, seafood, and more.
- Cable-free & battery operated.
- Has a handle for easy portability and a draining basket.

- Main unit 
- Inner basket
- User manual
- Handle for easy transportation

- Size: W225 x D225 x H130mm
- Weight: 480g
- Power source: 2 AA batteries (sold separately)
- Capacity: 3.5L (max capacity of the main unit)
- Vibration frequency: approx 8-10 kHz
- Usable water temperature: up to 40°C
- Material: PP

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