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HARIO Drip Tea Maker (Japan Exclusive)

HARIO Drip Tea Maker (Japan Exclusive)

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- A set of a dripper and a server for enjoying hand-dripped tea.
- The heat-resistant glass dripper allows you to see the color of the tea during extraction.
- You can adjust the extraction speed according to the type of tea.
- Paper filters allow for a clear and refreshing taste of tea.
- Includes 40 paper filters.

- Size: W125mm x D125mm x H224mm, dripper diameter 136mm
- Capacity: Dripper/for 1-4 cups, server/practical capacity of 500mL
- Weight: Approximately 578g
- Material: Server and dripper body/heat-resistant glass, holder/polypropylene, packing/silicone rubber

Please Note
- Do not use cleaners, abrasive agents, or sponges with abrasive particles that may cause scratches.

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