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HARIO Cold Brew Overnight Jug (Japan Exclusive)

HARIO Cold Brew Overnight Jug (Japan Exclusive)

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Make refreshing and delicious cold-brew coffee with just water and coffee grounds.

- Simply let it sit in the refrigerator overnight for a café-quality taste.
- Great for making delicious cold-brew green tea, barley tea, and fruit tea!
- Made of heat-resistant glass, so you can even use it to make barley tea in a kettle or hot tea over ice.
- Comes with a holder that keeps the lid securely in place even without the strainer.
- Slow extraction process produces a mellow, clear flavor with minimal bitterness or astringency.
- Made in Japan

How to use
- Put 80g of freshly ground coffee (medium-fine coffee grounds) into the strainer.
- Set the holder on the main unit first, and then set the strainer.
- Pour water in a little at a time to moisten the grounds. Fill the strainer with water up to the point that it does not cover the filtration part of the strainer. Use 1150ml of water.
- Fit the lid on the jug and place it in the refrigerator. Wait 8 hours for the coffee to extract. You can adjust extraction time to your preference.
- Once ready, remove from refrigerator and remove the strainer from the body. 

- Product size: W100×D94×H290mm Diameter 88Φ
- Capacity: 1,000mL (about 8 cups)
- Weight: approximately 500g
- Materials: Lid, strainer, holder/stainless steel; Body/heat-resistant glass

Please Note
Do not use cleaners or sponges with abrasive particles that could scratch the glass.

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