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HARIO Stainless Mesh Filter Dripper (Japan Exclusive)

HARIO Stainless Mesh Filter Dripper (Japan Exclusive)

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The perfect paperless coffee dripper made of eco-friendly materials - from the BATON series.

- Made of recycled materials such as discarded coffee grounds after extraction.
- The paperless dripper stops fine coffee grounds from passing through.
- Stainless steel mesh extracts coffee oils.
- The inside of the dripper is equipped with measurement markings for coffee grounds.
- Comes with an attachment that can be used with wide-mouthed mugs.
- Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and drying.

- Product size: W121mm x D135mm x H105mm
- Capacity: 1-4 cups
- Weight: 200g
- Material: Dripper frame/polypropylene, coffee casings/natural inorganic substances, dripper mesh/stainless steel 


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