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HARIO Manual Wooden Grinder (Japan Exclusive)

HARIO Manual Wooden Grinder (Japan Exclusive)

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- The classic design brings a café-like atmosphere to your home.
- The ceramic mortar generates less friction heat, preventing damage to the coffee powder due to heat.
- The ceramic mortar also eliminates metallic odor and prevents rusting. It has good sharpness and is resistant to abrasion.
- It can grind up to 40g at a time, allowing you to enjoy coffee with your family in a relaxed manner.
- The coarseness of the coffee beans can be adjusted using the adjustment nut.

- Product size: W152 x D104 x H231mm
- Capacity: 40g of coffee beans (for about 3-4 cups)
- Weight: about 600g
- Materials: Hopper, shaft, handle/iron, mortar/ceramic, body, handle knob/natural wood, packing/silicone rubber

Please Note
- Be sure to turn the handle clockwise. Do not turn it counterclockwise or spin it in the air, as it may damage the grinding mortar.
- This product cannot be used with dishwashers or household bleach.

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