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High-power Stove for Grilling and Hot Pot

High-power Stove for Grilling and Hot Pot

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This is a compact, high-power tabletop radiant heater that allows you to enjoy both grilling and hot pot with one device. It's the perfect size for those who live alone, in dorms, or love to enjoy meals for one. 


- The radiant heater, unlike IH cooking heaters, heats up the actual surface resulting in strong cooking power.
- Since the surface retains heat, residual heat cooking is possible, with a maximum power of 1000W and cooking at approximately 700°C.
- Made for one person. 


- Size: Main unit/W190×D200×H65mm, Pot (including handle and lid)/W230×D180×H150mm, Grilling net (including handle)/W160×D260×H45mm
- Weight: Main unit/approx. 1090g, Pot (including lid)/approx. 900g, Grilling net/approx. 250g
- Power supply: AC100V 50/60Hz
- Power consumption: Max. approx. 1000W
- Max temperature: Approx. 700 degrees (top plate temperature)
- Top plate temperatures: 200W/approx. 200 degrees, 400W/approx. 360 degrees, 600W/approx. 480 degrees, 800W/approx. 620 degrees, 1000W/approx. 700 degrees
- Safety features: Thermostat, temperature fuse, current fuse
- Cable length: 1.2m
- Materials: Main unit/Polypthylene Terephthalate with glass fiber, Main unit top plate/Nano Crystal Glass, Pot/Aluminum (ceramic coating), Grilling net/Stainless steel
It is recommended to use an adaptor to accommodate US & Canada voltages.


- Main unit
- Pot
- Pot lid
- Grilling net

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