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HARIO Drip Cold Brew & Tea Maker (Japan Exclusive)

HARIO Drip Cold Brew & Tea Maker (Japan Exclusive)

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Water dripper drop iced coffee maker for coffee lovers.

- Makes delicious iced coffee with the natural dripping of water.
- Add coffee powder, pour water into the upper bowl, and have brewed coffee in 45 minutes to 1 hour.
- Can also be used for brewing tea with cold water.
- Comes with 50 paper filters.

- Product Size: W107 x D102 x H304mm, Diam91mm
- Practical Capacity: 600mL for 5 cups
- Weight: 600g
- Material: Lid/Upper bowl: AS resin, Strainer/Drip parts: Polypropylene, Inner holder/Strainer holder/Lid packing: Silicone rubber, Upper bowl/Lower bowl: Heat-resistant glass

Please Note
- Cannot be used over direct heat.
- Do not use cleaners and sponges with polishing agents that could scratch or leave marks on the glass.
- Since the manual is in Japanese, we recommend using the Google Translate camera feature for more information on the product.

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