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Kitchen Oil Splatter Guard

Kitchen Oil Splatter Guard

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Compact and convenient splash guards for indoor kitchens, outdoor cooking, and more. 4 stylish panels that can be adjusted to your liking and easy to clean and store. 


- Simply unfold and set it up when needed, to effectively guard against oil splatters and more.
- Comes with four panels that are adjustable to your liking and for different occasions.
- After use, fold it compactly for easy storage.
- Perfect for indoor kitchen stoves and outdoor cooking.
- With Velascoat coating, no detergent is needed – a quick wipe with water is all it takes
to keep it clean.
- These panels are e
conomical and environmentally friendly because their design allows for long use and easy cleaning.


- Product Size: Unfolded/W725Ă—D3.5Ă—320mm, Folded/W186Ă—D11Ă—320mm
- Material: Body/Steel, Coating (Velascoat), Joint Pin/Stainless Steel
- Made in Japan

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