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HARIO Microwavable Glass Steamer (Japan Exclusive)

HARIO Microwavable Glass Steamer (Japan Exclusive)

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Versatile microwavable glass steamer made of heat-resistant Hario glass. 

- Steam vegetables, chicken, dimsum, and more.
- Built-in colander to remove excess water and oil.
- Doubles as a bowl to eat straight out of.
- Compact and dishwasher safe.
- Ideal for student life and dorm living too.

- Size: W168m x D168 x H119mm, Diameter 160mm
- Capacity: 1,200mL
- Weight: 600g
Material: Glass body/Heat-resistant glass "HARIO Glass", Lid and Strainer/Polypropylene

Please Note
- This is only made for the microwave, do not use this in other heating equipment devices.
- Refrain from using sponges or other materials that contain cleansers, abrasives, or abrasive particles.
- Since the manual is in Japanese, we recommend using the Google Translate camera feature for more information on the product.

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