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Sleek Bread Box Storage - rectangle

Sleek Bread Box Storage - rectangle

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This sleek, compact, and beautiful kitchen organizer neatly stores bread, bottles, and small items in one place. It is a must-have for anyone who wants an aesthetic, organized, and clean kitchen space. 


- The smooth drawer design allows you to access items when needed quickly.
- The space under the drawer is perfect for storing long items such as saran wrap, aluminum foil, and more. 
- The rust-resistant stainless steel handles have hooks for hanging dishcloths, making it a convenient feature for those who have trouble finding a place to put them.
- The side of the main body and the front of the drawer are magnet-compatible, allowing you to attach items with magnets.
- Can be used for a table-side organizer or entranceway accessory.


- Size: External dimensions/(Approximately) W437×D350×H232mm, tabletop surface/(Approximately) W380×D320mm, internal dimensions/drawer(Approximately) W400×D270×H160mm, bottom(Approximately) W420×D320×H50mm
- Material: Main body / Steel (epoxy resin powder coating), Handles: Stainless steel, Cushion sheet / Cushion rubber: Silicone rubber
- Load capacity: Tabletop/(Approx.) 5kg, Drawer/(Approx.) 3kg

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