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Stone Plate Meat Grill

Stone Plate Meat Grill

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The perfect stone yakiniku grill for everyday use at home. For all those who want to enjoy yakiniku or Japanese/Korean BBQ at home, THIS IS FOR YOU! It's the perfect size for those who live alone, in dorms, or love to enjoy BBQ for one. 


- Compact size that doesn't take up space on the table or during storage.
- The four-sided recesses on the grill allow excess oil to drain
- The plate is made from natural stone that provides excellent heat retention, ensuring even heat distribution for perfectly grilled foods.
- The grilling stone plate is removable for easy cleaning.
- Creates a delicious smell that'll leave you wanting more. 
- Easy to clean.


How to use

1. Before initial use, wipe down main unit with soft cloth. Thoroughly wash and dry stone plate before use.
2. Place stone plate on top of the unit and plug in.
3. Switch power on and allow pre-heating for 10-20minutes.
4. We recommend grilling some fat or adding butter for a non-stick experience.
5. Place your meat, veggies, garlic and more for grilling.
6. Once finished, turn of the switch, unplug the main unit, and let it cool down. Stone plate takes around 1 hour to completely cool down.


- Stone grilling plate size: W20.5 √ó D10 √ó H1.5cm
- Weight: Main body/Approximately 520g, Stone grilling plate/Approximately 770g
- Rated voltage: AC100V
- Power consumption: 350W
- Rated frequency: 50/60Hz
- Cord length: Approximately 1m
- Materials: Lower plate/Steel, Grilling stone plate/Natural granite, Handle/Polyamide 66


- As the stone gets very hot, please be cautious not to touch while in use.
- Do not leave on for more than 1 hour. After 1 hour, turn off the power and wait for the device to cool before using it again.
- Do not connect/disconnect the power plug with wet hands.
- This grill's power supply is 100V. We recommend using an adaptor to accommodate US & Canada voltages.
- Do not place containers, aluminum foil, etc. onto this grill.
- Before cleaning, make sure the stone plate is completely cooled down and the main unit is unplugged.
- Do not place the main unit in water. Only clean main unit with a soft cloth (can be damp).
- Keep away from children.
- Since the manual is in Japanese, we recommend using the Google Translate camera feature for more information on the product.


- Before cleaning, make sure that the stone plate and the main unit are cooled down and unplugged.
- The stone plate is easy to clean. Clean with a soft sponge soaked in dish detergent. Too hard of a brush can damage the natural stone.
- Do not submerge main unit in water. Clean the under plate with a soft cloth. A little damp is okay.

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