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Ultimate Smokeless BBQ Grill

Ultimate Smokeless BBQ Grill

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 The ultimate smokeless BBQ Grill of your dreams! This grill is designed to use indoors so you can enjoy yakiniku and BBQ without smoke. 


- The direct gas flame quickly raises the temperature of the grilling surface, allowing you to cook meat thoroughly and deliciously.
- The surface of the plate is fluorine-coated, making it easy to clean and prevents stubborn grime and oil stains.
- Equipped with a convenient handle for easy removal.
- The compact size doesn’t take up much space on the table, and it's easy to store.

How this grill prevents smoke

  1. The plate doesn't overheat
    - the heat is retained between the burner and grilling surface,
  2. The fat doesn't fall directly into the flame but into the water tray.
    The grooves on the surface connect with slits, allowing the fat to flow through.
    - Four protrusions on the back create gaps, effectively guiding the fat to fall.
    - About 7mm walls on the back prevent the fat from reaching the burner.


- Gas Type: Iwatani Cassette Gas
- Gas Consumption: 76 g/h (Measured at 20-25°C, gas consumption for 30 minutes converted to an hourly rate)
- Dimensions (W x D x H): 303 x 278 x 149 mm
- Weight: Approximately 2.0 kg
- Main Body Size: Width 303 x Depth 278 x Height 149 mm
- Plate Grilling Surface: Diameter 233 mm
- Heat Output: 1.0 kW (900 kcal/h)
- Continuous Burn Time: Approximately 217 minutes (Measured at 20-25°C with continuous high flame until the cassette cylinder is exhausted)
- Piezoelectric ignition
- Pressure sensing safety device
- Made in Japan


- Main Body: Steel plate
- Plate: Aluminum die-cast (Plate outer diameter: 233 mm)
- Water Tray: Steel plate
- Burner: Heat-resistant aluminum die-cast
- Ignition Knob: ABS resin


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